6'x16' mural of a saguaro on the back of a private residence in Tucson, Arizona, 2006.

Your landscape at your home or business can feature a unique piece of artwork
produced in collaboration with artist Stephen Farley.

Maintenance-free, vandal-proof, and able to withstand all the elements, indoors or out,
Tilography will create a powerful impression in any location for decades to come.

View and purchase some of Stephen Farley's non-tilography photographic work here.

"Transformational Saguaros", 2006
eight murals on four steel structures installed
at Oracle Crossings shopping center in Oro Valley, Arizona.
Each mural shows a different stage in the lifecycle of the saguaro cactus.

Tohono Plaza Murals, 2008
15 - 18"x18" and 3 - 48"x48" colorful murals
of the flora and fauna of the Tohono O'Odham Nation
and 16 18"x42" black and white history murals installed
at the Tohono Plaza shopping center in Sells, Arizona.

"Gabe Zimmerman Memorial Trailhead", 2012
Three murals in two locations at the Davidson Canyon trailhead
just southeast of Tucson, Arizona.
Created pro-bono to honor my friend Gabe Zimmerman,
Gabby Giffords' director of community outreach,
who was killed in the shootings on January 8, 2011.

"The Church and the City", 2008
Mural on multiple removable steel panels installed
on the headquarters of the Diocese of Tucson, Arizona.
Commissioned by Bishop Gerald Kicanas, this was a collaboration
with famed Tohono O'Odham watercolorist Michael Chiago.

"Saguaro Kids: Oro Valley Gold", 2006
eight murals on four steel structures installed
at Oracle Crossings shopping center in Oro Valley, Arizona.
Each structure has a saguaro cactus on one side,
and a local kid posing like that saguaro on the other side.

"Easy" Company Korean War Memorial, 2002
Tilography work honoring twelve Tucson marines who were killed in the Korean War.

"A Place to Sleep", 2013
A mural of Gordon Packard and Nancy Bissell among the homeless men they serve in the Primavera shelter they founded in Tucson.

"Oro Valley Snapshot", 2008
a collaborative piece with sculptor David Voisard at Oracle Crossings shopping center in Oro Valley.

Barrio Hollywood Mural Project, 2002-2009
24 3'x6' panels on 12 steel structures along Grande Avenue in the Westside Tucson neighborhood of Barrio Hollywood. Photographs were collected from longtime residents of the neighborhood.

"A Porter Family Homecoming", 2008
four panels and a stripe of tile with text at the Tucson Botanical Gardens
using family photos to honor the presence of the Porter Family who donated their homestead to become the Gardens.

St. Mary's Underpass Murals, 2009
Ten Tilography murals of family photos collected from residents of Barrio Anita and Barrio Hollywood
along with images of the neighborhoods photographed by David Sanders.

The Arizona Daily Star editorialized about these improvements to Interstate 10, "Our favorite Tucson touch is the tile murals with images of residents from two West Side barrios at the St. Mary's Road underpass. The artwork was designed by artist and state Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, who created similar murals at the Broadway underpass in 1999. The artwork not only depicts the personality of our community, but visually bridges the west and east sides of downtown."

18"x18" Tilography framed portraits
A portrait created in honor of Arizona State Representative Jack Brown's retirement; a retirement gift for APS executive Marty Shultz; and a gift for His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai.

Garden of Our Ancestors, 2010
Four 4'x16' glazed ceramic tile murals depicting life in Tucson in the 1860s and 1870s, placed in a cemetery to honor more than 1,200 Tucsonans who were originally buried in downtown's National Cemetery from 1860-1874, but re-interred at All Faiths Cemetery in 2010. Commissioned by Bishop Kicanas of the Catholic Diocese of Tucson.

18"x24" Tilography framed saguaro artwork of photographs by Steve Farley
On the left is Prickly, 2010, on the right is Juicy, 2010. Both are for sale in editions of 40 through the Etherton Gallery.

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