A whole new way of looking at tile.
Photography is now monumental
and virtually indestructible

Tilography can be made from any photograph or drawing, in multiple colors, on any solid surface (walls, buildings, pools, fountains, and more).

Tilography can be the centerpiece of your architectural designs.

Imagine the possibilities...

Tilography is an artform invented by public artist Stephen Farley with tile fabricators Rick Young and Tom Galloway to translate photography to permanent, vandal-proof, weather-resistant glazed ceramic tile that is fascinating up close and from a distance.Since 1998, Tilography murals have graced public spaces all over the U.S., including Stephen Farley’s award-winning Broadway Underpass murals in Downtown Tucson, Arizona.

For more information, call Steve Farley at 520.780.2238 or email him at

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for individuals • companies • governments • academic institutions
artwork for the ages which helps build community.

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you, too, can hire us for your upcoming project.

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tilography™ • fascinating up close, luminescent from a distance

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