broward county west governmental center • installed november 2004
plantation (metro fort lauderdale), florida
artist: stephen farley • tilography™ by richard young and tom galloway

Broward County, Florida (the town in which Fort Lauderdale is located), chose artist Stephen Farley to create two 4-story Tilography murals to educate the public about the many different tasks Broward County employees do to make life in this part of South Florida possible.

The murals are installed in the service center area of the Broward County West Governmental Center on the northwest corner of Broward & University in Plantation. The walls are a complex but appealing composition of 18 - 3'6"x10' Tilography panels, each of which depicts the hands and arms of a different Broward County employee in a different county division.

Farley followed workers on the job all over the county for a week and photographed their hands at work. The employees feel tremendous honor not only for themselves, but also on behalf of their entire profession.

The eastern wall includes images of a county recorder, bus driver, mechanic, librarian, and six more county employees.

tilography™ • fascinating up close, luminescent from a distance

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