washington & central light rail station • installed june 2008 • downtown phoenix, arizona
artist: stephen farley

Valley Metro Rail chose artist Stephen Farley in 2003 to use Tilography and other media to create artwork celebrating Downtown Phoenix's history and vibrancy at the two main Downtown light rail stations. 34 - 2'x2' Tilography panels were installed at the station at Washington & Central.

Farley photographed people's hands at work and play in the vicinity at the station -- serving and eating lunch at a nearby cafe, working in the adjoining office buildings, playing WNBA basketball at the U.S. Airways Center, and just hanging out in the adjacent plaza.

The hands express the variety of activity taking place Downtown, and all people passing through the station can identify with at least one of the hands set into the railings along the length of the station.

Terrazzo and baked porcelain panels are also part of the artwork at these stations; you can view them here.

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